Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy (Pre Natal) Massage | £50.00 p/h

Pregnancy massage focuses on some of the unique physical needs of the mother-to-be and is much more than just a luxury. Massage is a wonderful solution to some of the temporary challenges of pregnancy. It provides relaxation by relieving stress on joints, easing pain, and helping with the postural changes associated with the progressing pregnancy. Massage therapy is also believed to stimulate the endocrine system, which helps to stabilise hormone levels and relieves nervous tension. I use a specific 100% pure organic massage oil, created by myself. This carrier oil, containing no essential oils, can be fantastic for reducing stretch marks and will help to keep the skin highly moisturised. Please note that clients should not have a massage during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy as massage increases circulation and the baby needs to establish itself in the womb. After this time I can tailor make my pre-natal massage around your needs. There are various positions you can lie/sit in at different stages of pregnancy to ensure you are always comfortable.

When I was pregnant with my first child I struggled to find  a local  therapist who was trained in pregnancy treatments, this is what initially made me become interested in working in this field and since then my training and knowledge has increased ten fold. A high percentage of my client base now is pregnancy related and I still feel that it is such a privileged to work with you all at this amazing time of your life.

I am also qualified and insured to use essential oils during all my Maternity treatments which is an amazing addition to your treatments to help with many of the conditions and discomfort we feel during pregnancy.

Post Natal Massage | £50.00 p/h

After the birth of your baby, massage can play a vital role in your recovery. The benefits include:- Relaxing muscular tension in the lower and upper back, shoulders, and neck. Restoring your energy levels. Encouraging healing of the body and mind through the use of simple visualisation and breathing techniques. Helping to restore the abdomen to return to its’ pre-pregnancy condition. Helping to speed up the healing process. Helping to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Regaining confidence with your body.