Baby Massage 121

Baby Massage 121| £80.00 p/h

We shall be learning baby massage techniques to soothe baby, relieve constipation, help with colic and irritability. Infant Massage has such a beautiful effect on mummy’s and babies. Your class will be designed totally around you and your babies needs.

One really key point is it is time to stop and really connect with your baby through eye contact and gentle noises and words. My classes will be friendly,  welcoming and inviting.
The classes are suitable for babies of all ages, once your baby starts to crawl however, from past experience, it does make it slightly more difficult for you to continue learning the techniques.
By the end of the 4 weeks you will not only have a routine you can use regularly on your baby but also key techniques you can use to help with many baby complaints and concerns.

Just finished the last session of our 4 week baby massage course. It was such a lovely chance to bond with my baby and have the special time with him. I might need to have another baby to go again or suggest to Jacqui we do refresher courses �
Highly recommended!! Verity, Ickenham.

Lovely relaxing environment and just the right size group for both baby and mamas. Jacqui showed us some really helpful techniques for when bubba is poorly. The bonding time is also great between mother and baby. Thanks Jacqui! Alison, Ickenham.


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