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Breech Babies Treatment | £80 p/h

If your baby is lying bottom or feet first, they are in breech position.  Most babies will turn naturally  but  if your baby is still breech around 36 weeks, your midwife will most probably step in to discuss a safe delivery option for you.

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What can I do to help?

Research has shown that by  vibrating your legs and buttocks, the body fluids in the muscle tissues ripple which is calming and pain-reducing.  By rocking, the fascia responds  by increasing hydration and circulation, allowing muscles, ligaments, and even joints to function better in turn. Rocking is highly relaxing because this rocking activates the parasympathetic nervous system restoring optimal function of the lower uterine segment, which is another way of helping baby to rotate.

There are a couple of ways that we can create this vibration, either with you side lying fully clothed, on the couch, or by using a rebozo scarf to create the same vibrations, with you again fully clothed, but standing or kneeling.

I also offer home care advice to replicate what we have done in the treatment room to support the work. Although this is not a guaranteed option, I have seen some babies turn after 1 session, and others after 2 or 3.

Rebozo Rocking

Couch Rocking

Breech Baby Rocking


Another technique called ‘moxibustion’ is used in traditional Chinese medicine to encourage baby to move naturally to a heads down position. Moxibustion consists of burning dried leaves of Moxa (also known as Mugwort), the heat from the dried mugwort is placed near specific reflexology points of the body.

The way that I use Moxibustion  to correct the baby’s position in case of breech position during pregnancy is by using a Moxa stick which consists of the dried leaves pressed into a stick – much like a cigar. This stick is heated with a lighter and brought close to the skin close to the reflexology point located at the tip of your fifth toe, until it produces an increase of blood flow to the area, the heat felt will be warm but not uncomfortable. I will use the sticks on reflexology points on your foot.

I incorporate the use of the moxa sticks within a rocking session , alongside other reflexology techniques.

Moxibustion Swakeleys Massage

Reflexology Breech Babies

Your treatment with me will be created around you and your needs, and we may not necessarily use all 3 techniques, maybe even just 1