C Section Scar Post Natal Massage

C Section Scar Tissue Post Natal MassageC Section Scar Tissue Post Natal Massage

C section Scar Post Natal Massage | £80.00 p/h

You may have chosen to have had a C Section or you may have had an emergency section, either way our feelings towards our scar  and labour can differ hugely from person to person.

Within my Scar Tissue massage I look at the emotional side of scar healing as much as the physical and by working with your breath throughout your treatment , can really help your emotional healing. You may come to me not even being able to touch your scar, we will work gently and slowly together, within your limits, and let the magic happen.

A C Section is major surgery and I remember in my training with Hannah Johnson Therapies, for this work, I was told that the body reacts to the healing of a scar by creating cement like tissue to stick the incision together to stop it from reopening again. This is fantastic for the actual incision but for the tissues, muscles, organs that surround the incision, not so great.  The scar tissue can create adhesions and stick to anything they can. which can affect a number of things including your pelvic floor, your bowel movements and your breathing if left untreated.

There are 4 stages to wound healing :

  • Hemostatis phase
    This is when the wound begins to close by clotting (think scab forming).

  • Inflammatory phase
    This is when the blood vessels leak something called transudate which is made of water, salt and protein) and causes localised swelling, which both controls bleeding and prevents further infection. I’m pretty sure this is what we refer to as the wound ‘weeping’ or pus.

  • Proliferative phase
    This is when the wound is rebuilt with new tissue made up of collagen and extracellular matrix, it’s also when things start to feel a bit tight and pucker up a little because the wound contracts as the new tissues are built and pulls things together. Perhaps the most important aspect of this phase is the laying down of new blood vessels so that the new tissue can be healthy and receive the oxygen and nutrients required.

  • Maturation phase (aka remodeling stage)
    This is when the wound fully closes, and the ‘repair’ cells are no longer needed.

The primary aim of scar massage is to promote the alignment of collagen fibres (‘break’ the adhesions down and help them to  reform in a smoother way.  This will make the scar more subtle and allow for more movement. The benefit will not only be physical but will most certainly be felt too.

The post c-section massage can help the scar to heal nicely with good mobility and improve function of the abdominal muscles. Scar massage can even prevent excessive scarring and make the scar appear less noticeable, but not invisible.

If are are experiencing numbness, tingling, lack of sensitivity, cannot touch your scar, or allow anyone else to touch it, we can work with all these together. I can also show you techniques to use at home to help your healing.

When can you start massaging your scar?

It will take approximately 6 – 8 weeks for the incision heel, after this time you can start touching your scar – everyone is different and the healing process if different for each person.

Once you get the “green light” from your primary care provider begin with a gentle massage daily to breaks down adhesions, eliminate pain and restore normal tissue functioning.  I will not start working on you until 10 – 12 weeks after surgery.

It is never too late to make differences to your Scar, even if your incision was years ago.

C Section Scar Post Natal MassageC Section Scar Post Natal Massage