Choosing a Massage Therapist

A while ago I returned from a 2 hour treatment in a local venue, a combination of Massage and Reflexology.  I was really looking forward to this had been to the venue a couple of times before for an hours massage but decided to see the effects of a 2 hour session for myself.  I hear such lovely things about my signature treatment from my clients  and my clients keep booking this as their regular treatment of choice that I really felt a pull to go for a longer session.

I was so disappointed,  for a number of reasons. I’m not going to list them here and talk negatively about where I had been.  However this treatment has led me to write this blog, “what do I think is important when looking for a massage therapist?”

Firstly what is it I am looking for?

Do I want to establish a relationship with my therapist so that I am comfortable going back time and time again in order for that therapist to really get to know me and my physical and emotional needs.  Or, do I just want to find a therapist who is qualified and gives a good massage? If the answer is the second option my advice would be to go onto Embody (of which I am a member), find someone local who offers what treatment you are looking for and book it.  You are guaranteed a qualified therapist, who is insured and quite probably works for themselves.

However if like me, your answer is the first its a bit more tricky. For me,  I am looking for someone who works like me.  I work like I would like to be worked on – and I think that must be the case with all us therapists so when we get to receive a treatment ourselves we are ultra picky and hard to please!!

So what would I suggest? Personally I nearly always look for someone who works for themselves.  If you are running your own business your work is an extension of you and a representation of you and we always want people to come back again and again so hopefully always offer a great service.  So I use a search engine like google, and put in the therapy I am looking for and the area ie Aromatherapy Massage, Ickenham. Here a number of therapist will come up.  I would look at about 5 of the websites and read about the therapist, see how long they have worked and what sort of qualifications they have.  Most websites will give a true feel about the therapist themselves and if you like the way they project their treatments and talk about their passions you are onto a good thing. I would then suggest you give them a call and have a chat about what you are looking for.  Sometimes a phone conversation may put you off someone, and vice versa.

Once you have decided where you are going, ensure you give a good consultation making sure your therapist really knows what you are looking for and what you like.  The more information you can give the better your treatment will be for you. Any information will remain confidential with any good ethical practising therapist.

Lastly Enjoy 🙂 and if you find a therapist who you feel a connection with and you enjoy your treatments stay with her/him.  Its much the same as a good hairdresser, dentist, beautician etc!


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