Had a very relaxing treatment - fertility reflexology. Jacqueline has a lovely manner and explains everything throughout the treatment. She is clearly very experienced and offers helpful tips and suggestions throughout towards wellness. Lovely experience.


Ickenham, January 2020

Amazing pregnancy massage. Jacqueline is highly knowledgeable and experienced. I'm so glad I found her!


Denham, October 2019

Yesterday I had a Swakeleys Cocktail - massage and reflexology. It was so relaxing. I felt so much better afterwards. I felt lighter. It's so peaceful and Jacqui always makes me feel comfortable and is great at what she does. Can't wait for my next visit.


Ickenham, August 2019

Every visit I leave feeling wonderfully relaxed, whether it's a massage or reflexology. Always a shame to have to drive home as I could easily get into bed and relax 🙂


Rickmansworth, August 2019

Had a wonderfully relaxing reflexology with mindful meditation to finish and I felt totally relaxed after ... Jacqui is so good at what she does and I am so looking forward to more relaxing treatments to come.


Ruislip, August 2019

Truly one of the best massages I have ever had. I look forward to coming again, very relaxing indeed!!


Ruislip, July 2019

Wow! I could have layed there all day! Jacqui gave me a beautiful Aromatherapy Massage that left my muscles feeling all soft and squishy. A gorgeous flowing treatment that made me forget where I was! Thank you so much Jacqui!


Elstree, July 2019

Jacqui's space is a true sanctuary from the whirlwind of daily life. I always leave with a lighter step and a smile. Whatever treatment you have Jacqui will make you feel amazing, I cannot recommend her highly enough 🙂


Uxbridge, July 2019

So pleased there were some insistent recommendations that I should make a booking. What a wonderful way to spend 2 hours, really enjoyed the mix of treatments, pure relaxation. Thank you Jacqui


Ickenham. May 2019

I had a reflexology treatment with Crystal healing which was wonderful and so relaxing ..will definitely be returning for another treatment .Jacqui is very professional and has a passion for her work


Ickenham. May 2019

The best ever aromatherapy massage I feel better Jackie is lovely so caring and kind her knowledge is phenomenal


Ickenham. Nov 2018

After each Reiki I expect miracles and I never feel disappointed after I leave Jacqueline's home. My biggest fear was public speaking, but after the Angelic Reiki I could confidently read a Reading at the Church in front of 200 people. Jacqueline provides much more than the usual massage. Thank you, you are the best!


Ickenham. May 2018

I was lucky to have the signature treatment with hot stones, angelic reiki and reflexology as a gift for my birthday. it was gorgeous! I especially loved the hot stones massage which was a first for me and i really felt the benefits of after. Jacqui has been so friendly and helpful with my numerous enquiries. it has been a pleasure, I'll be back for sure. highly recommended, thank you Swakeleys Massage 


Ickenham. July 2019

I love going for my massages with Jacqui. She's very welcoming, caring and has an obvious passion for her job. Her hands are magic, making my neck and shoulders knot free!


Ickenham. May 2018

"The master of feet and relaxation"

You have given me the strength and the power to get through this journey. Your openness, honesty and sincerity and laughter have been so special and empowering. I must say your sixth sense is phenomenal, sometimes I think, how does she know that, which makes me feel closer to you and build that trust.

Thank You,


Ickenham, January 2020

My first visit to Jacqueline for reflexology after being recommended by a friend and just wow. The treatment was so relaxing and interesting. Jacqueline was very friendly, welcoming and professional. I can't wait for my next treatment which is booked! Thank you.


Uxbridge, March 2020

Had a lovely massage, Jacqueline took the time to listen to what I wanted and needed. She is amazing, totally relaxed after. I would highly recommend.


Ickenham, February 2020

Lovely treatment in a really relaxed atmosphere, I would highly recommend.


Ickenham, February 2020

If you are in two minds about booking a fertility treatment just do it, you won't regret it. I've had both the fertility massage and fertility reflexology, depending on where I am in my cycle, and I've experienced amazing results from both. I am hooked! I have dozed off twice during my sessions and that is because it relaxes you in a way you wouldn't imagine, I feel more alive, I have more energy and I feel more happy within myself and that because of these treatments, it really lifts you in a way you don't expect and that's what I've loved about it the most. Jacqui is just awesome, there is something really calming about her and despite only having had 4 sessions I feel comfortable enough to share personal details. She is extremely knowledgeable in fertility and the female reproductive system and explains things in plain English for anyone to understand, I feel I know my body more now than I did before meeting Jacqui. I actually look forward to me sessions, they feel like mini spa breaks because of the way you feel at the end - relaxed and slightly zoned out. I think my positive experience is a combination of the treatment itself and Jacqui, she brings a calming energy and feeling a connection with her is just as important, if not more.


Ickenham, April 2019

I have had a couple of reflexology treatments with Jacqui and I have found them to be really relaxing and enjoyable...so much that I go home and sleep for a couple of hours afterwards! Jacqui is super friendly and really listens. I would highly recommend her and look forward to future sessions with her.


Ickenham, Feb 2019

Thank you for the wonderful hot stone massage. I felt a sense of lightness and total relaxation for the rest of the day!


Harrow, Nov 2018

I couldn’t recommend Jacqui more highly, her massages are brilliant


Ickenham. July 2019

I always look forward to seeing Jacqui, it’s my very important me time, and I always feel more grounded and de-stressed afterwards, thank you


Oxford, December 2018

I am not the easiest customer to impress but I have to say Jacqueline has completely blown me away! She provides THE best hot stones massage I have had anywhere in the world. Aren't I lucky she is a 10 min drive from me!


Ickenham. March 2019

I have just had a wonderful new massage.....The abdominal massage. So relaxing with an inner peace, definitely one to try. I am looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you so much.


Ickenham. March 2018

Lucky me, I got a cancellation booking, just when I needed it most. Jacqui knows how to find the pain and remove it.


Ickenham. May 2018

I have just had a wonderful new massage.....The abdominal massage. So relaxing with an inner peace, definitely one to try. I am looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you so much.


Ruislip. May 2018

My first visit to Jackie today and I already have the next one booked! Thank you for making me feel welcome and so comfortable- I look forward to my next visit.


Ruislip. May 2018

Went to see Jacqui today for a massage and feel thoroughly relaxed following my treatment. I was very tense through my shoulder blades and Jacqui really worked the area which feels really good now. Would definitely recommend Jacqui to anyone..wonderful


Eastcote. April 2018

Jacqueline, you wonderful woman. I cant praise your magic hands enough. I feel so blissful after every session with you. Today was very special, the fertilty massage released some tension I was not even aware of carrying in my body. You have a very beautiful way about you. I feel you really listen to my needs. Your way of working is just one flowing movement where love flows out of you and all around. Thank you.


Ealing. March 2018

Jacqui deserves more than a 5 star.She has miracle hands and am definitely going to be a loyal customer!


Harrow. January 2018

I have had a few treatments now and I’ve loved every visit. Jacqui is brilliant and makes you feel so comfortable. I always leave feeling relaxed and pampered. The highlighted treatments of the month are a great way of trying a variety of treatments. I’ll definitely be visiting again soon!


Ickenham. December 2017

I've had two amazing pregnancy massages with Jacqui and will definitely be going back for more before my baby arrives. She's done an amazing job to help relieve back pain and jist generally made me feel more relaxed. I would highly recommend Jacqui!


Harefield. November 2017

Today i took my 9 year old for a short massage/ reflexology combo as shes been suffering with a sore back, Jacqui made her feel so at ease and worked her magic we now have a very relaxed princess asking to come visit again thanks so much Jacqui x


Ickenham. January 2018

Jacqui worked on me during the late stages of my pregnancy with reflexology and massage. Her sessions helped me to remain calm and my labour was short and intervention free with my contractions being really effective which I put down to the work she did. Since delivering my little girl, we have been for baby massage classes which were wonderful for bonding with and getting to know my new arrival. ( I had done classes with my first child but Jacqui's were much, much better) I have also been for new mum massages. I cannot recommend her enough. I always feel I get a personalised service that's exactly what I need with the right oils etc rather than a 'one size fits all' approach that is often the case. Her range of skills and knowledge is incredible and she is always updating and developing her skills further. Can't wait for my next visit.


Ickenham. October 2017

Jacqui was recommended to my by my niece and I am so glad she did. I’ve only had two treatments so far, yesterday I had the Swakeleys Massage Signature treatment which was two hours of bliss. This treatment combines Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Angelic Reiki. I’ve not had Angelic Reiki before and found it fascinating. I can’t wait to try one of Jacqui’s other treatments very soon.


Ickenham. October 2017

Just finished the last session of our 4 week baby massage course. It was such a lovely chance to bond with my baby and have the special time with him. I might need to have another baby to go again or suggest to Jacqui we do refresher courses �
Highly recommended!!


Ickenham. October 2017

From the moment you walk in the door Jackie makes you feel very welcome and at ease. I had a wonderful Thai Yoga Massage. Jackie explained exactly what was involved and made me feel very comfortable. I left feeling very relaxed and at the same was filled with a renewed energy. This feeling has stayed with me all week. I will definitely be booking again.


Uxbridge. October 2017

This lady is amazing working wonders on my migraines and stress levels. I look 4ward to my treatments and come out a new person. Give her a go believe me you will be hooked and she is so lovely and always accommodating. Thank you for making us feel so good again xx


Ickenham. October 2017

Today I had a Thai yoga massage. It was a new experience for me and I am now a big fan of this type of massage treatment. Jacqui spent an hour on my back and shoulders and neck. I loved the powerful stretches and Jacqui really worked hard to help release the tight areas of my back. Thanks Jacqui � it was fantastic.


Ivor. October 2017
I've been a client of Jacqui's for a number of years now, usually I have an aromatherapy massage as I have a stressful job and this always helps me relax. However, I have also started having reflexology from Jacqui too and this has aided my relaxation even more.
A few weeks ago I had a severe inner ear virus, which brought on vertigo and made my tinnitus ten times worse. I told Jacqui about this and she gave me reflexology and concentrated on the parts of my feet dealing with the ear area. Once the treatment was finished it took me a while to realise that the tinnitus had virtually disappeared which meant I got the best night's sleep I had had for a long time.
I'm a creature of habit but tried reflexology to help me better handle my stress, not realising it can help other area. So now I will be looking at what else Jacqui offers to try new treatments. In fact, I've got my eye on the hot stone massage for next time.


Ruislip. July 2016
I always come away from a treatment with Jacqui feeling like me again. She has amazing skill and healing gifts that relax and remove knots and tension from my body and calm my mind.  Jacqui knows intuitively which oil blends I need at that time which add to the whole experience. Jacqui's skills have also helped relieve ongoing back and shoulder pain and I would recommend her to anyone wanting a proper therapeutic and healing massage treatment.


High Wycombe. June 2016
Having been to other massage parlours, I've found that it's really important to be comfortable in your surroundings to fully be able to relax and enjoy your treatment. With Jacqui I am totally relaxed and zoned out to the point I think last time, I might have nodded off for a moment on the table! The environment is comfortable, and very warm and welcoming. Jacqui knows exactly the treatment I need, what oils to use and adjusts accordingly to which part of me needs treating the most!


Ickenham. July 2016
I wished I'd come here when I was pregnant as that might have helped me with a few issues I had back then, but now I go not just for easing of tired muscles and releasing of knots but it's calming effect on the stresses of life. I come out feeling energised and ready to go, back to reality!
Jacqui really is so good at what she does. I had my first massage with her when I was pregnant and it was truly the best hour of my third trimester. I've since been back to see her and left being relaxed and feeling settled both mentally and physically.


July 2016
Thank you for yet another great treatment 🙂. I have had reflexology and massages here and I can honestly say that Jacqui is amazing......give it a go ladies!


Ruislip. July 2016

Every time I leave a treatment, I am already looking forward to the next one. Jacqui is a wonderful lady with a calming disposition and magical hands. Her massages are firm but relaxing, reflexology amazing. The two together are a fantastic dual treatment that leaves me feeling relaxed and stress free.Girls - This is the website for the lovely lady that did Hot Stones at the school on Friday. I can highly recommend her.


July 2016

My all time favourite masseuse! Have received the best massages here before. Definitely recommend!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


June 2016

Had a fabulous hot stone massage with Jacqui this week. Excellent experience all round, Jacqui found all my knots and skilfully removed them! I felt totally relaxed all afternoon and slept like a baby. It's great to find a dedicated practitioner who has a wealth of experience literally at her fingertips 🙂 Will recommend to all. Thank you


Uxbridge. November 2015

I first met Jacqui as I was treated to a late pregnancy massage as a birthday gift. It was a wonderful treat which helped ease some of the aches and pains of being 8 months pregnant. After the birth I continued to have treatments as I believe Jacqui is one of the best massage therapists I've ever been to. I would highly recommend her to anyone (and have done regularly).


Stokenchurch. June 2015

Jacqui is professional, knowledgable and by far the best therapist I have ever been too... Her technique is amazing, applying exactly the desired amount of pressure & always hitting the spot... Every treatment I have had has been outstanding, leaving me totally relaxed & de-stressed. I just wish she was nearer to me!! xxx

Lisa Winslow. June 2015

Winslow. June 2015

Best pregnancy massage. I had quite a few from different places in the later stages of pregnacy and this was by far the most relaxing and targeted all the right aches and pains.


Harrow. June 2015

I have been to Swakeleys Massage twice now and have come out both times feeling chilled out. I like quite a deep massage and Jacqui was able to apply the right amount of pressure to work my muscles over while still making me relaxed. The massage room was the right temperature with soothing sounds playing in the background, just the ambience you need. I play a lot of sports and have a feeling that Swakeleys Massage might just get me through the cricket season!


Ickenham. June 2015

Jacqui has been my massage therapist for a number of years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. One thing that is great about Jacqui is that she asks questions before every treatment to understand how I am feeling, physically and emotionally, to make sure that she tailors the treatment to my needs that day. Jacqui will mix essential oils that will treat my specific ailments rather than just using a pre-mixed blend. After a recent car accident Jacqui has been my Savior relieving back, shoulder and neck pain such that I had never felt before, and that traditional painkillers were unable to help. Thanks Jacqui - 5 stars all the way. You need to market yourself as a miracle worker and you can quote me on that.


Ickenham. June 2015

Have been with Jacqui for the last 12 years for my massages, she is without a doubt the best I have had so I was delighted when she told me that she uses Hot Stones as well so I tried it out and it was wonderful. Can't wait for my next one.


Northwood. January 2015

I have had many massages in my time and Jacqui is undoubtedly one of the best therapists I have been to. I particularly enjoyed the Hot Stones Massage which is truly sublime. She is extremely good value for money - some salons charge double and the treatment is not nearly as good. I would highly recommend Jacqui to everyone.

Terry Bambrick

Borehamwood. August 2014

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