Heart and Soul Therapy


Heart and Soul Therapy | £75.00 | 60 minutes

This Heart and Soul sound massage therapy aligns the mind, body and soul using a number of beautiful healing tools, tuning forks, sound bowls, koshi bells, crystals, white sage to name a few.
A combination of sound therapy massage, angelic reiki and gentle slow massage of the hands and feet, feelings and sensations will be heightened, stimulating the energy flow around the body. Awakening the senses bringing everything to life.
Releasing mental and emotional blocks with the aid of chakra stones which can influence the chakra energy bringing about balance and harmony.
You will hopefully leave, relaxed, yet stimulated, with a sense of peace, harmony and balance.
This treatment was inspired by a treatment I had (with the same name) on a recent retreat (August 2021)  I attended, and I was left feeling so amazing I wanted to recreate something similar.

After your consultation and once you are lying comfortably, fully clothed, on my heated, super comfy, massage couch, I will connect and tune into you with wonderful healing energies, starting with singing bowls and tuning forks to clear your aura I will then use a variety of sound instruments both on and off the body to reawaken your senses and releasing blockages.

I will then incorporate chakra balancing crystals with some crystal healing, and an acupressure massage of the hands and lastly the feet . The feeling of the tuning forks being used directly on the hands and feet is one I will never forget.

Finishing off with being encased in Rebozo scarves whilst the body surrenders to the feelings of nurturing security connecting your heart and soul once more.

This treatment will be tailor made to you so may be slightly different from what is mentioned above, but will be a unique combination of what you need that day. I am so excited with this treatment and cant wait to share it with you all.

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I wanted to share this video from You Tube as listened to it many times, why not just lay back, pop in your ear phones and go on a journey with these amazing tuning forks.


I also wanted to share this paragraph with you that I thought was very well said  – these are not my words but taken from my Sound Healing Training :

Working with therapeutic sound, as a therapist or for your own personal healing, can bring
about immense changes on every level of being: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and
spiritual. Therapeutic sound tools create natural waves of unadulterated sound that both
feed and strengthen the being as a whole. The pure, clear sound waves emitted from
therapeutic sound tools work through sympathetic resonance and go to where they are
What can happen, often over a longer period of working with therapeutic sound, is that the
pure, clear vibrations build up in each level of the being and act as ‘energetic armour’.
Situations or events that in the past may have triggered negative responses and actions
instead begin to ‘bounce off us’ and we begin to act with greater compassion towards others.

Heart and Soul TherapyHeart and Soul Therapy