Moxibustion Reflexology for Breech Babies

Moxibustion breech babiesMoxibustion Reflexology for Breech Babies


Moxibustion Reflexology for Breech Babies | £60

When a baby is lying feet or bottom first in the uterus instead of head down position, this is called a breech baby. Breech is common in early pregnancy and as the pregnancy develops most babies have turned to be head down by 36 – 37 weeks of pregnancy. Most babies will turn naturally, however if your baby remains breech your birth options become limited and you will be given the option of a planned vaginal breech birth or an elective cesarean.

In some cases in the UK, you will be offered an ECV (external Cephalic Version), where an obstetrician will manually try to move the baby into a heads down position.

Another technique called ‘moxibustion’ is used in traditional Chinese medicine to encourage baby to move naturally to a heads down position. Moxibustion consists of burning dried leaves of Moxa (also known as Mugwort), the heat from the dried mugwort is placed near specific reflexology points of the body.

The way that I use Moxibustion  to correct the baby’s position in case of breech position during pregnancy is by using a Moxa stick which consists of the dried leaves pressed into a stick – much like a cigar. This stick is heated with a lighter and brought close to the skin close to the reflexology point located at the tip of your fifth toe, until it produces an increase of blood flow to the area, the heat felt will be warm but not uncomfortable. I will repeat this process to the same reflex point and others.

I incorporate the use of the moxa sticks within a full reflexology session so that we can work on you holistically and help with any other issues going on, or just to balance and help you emotionally as you get closer to labour. The treatment is extremely relaxing and I always use the sticks at the beginning of the session enabling you to relax into the treatment fully once the sticks have been used. You will also be given a moxa stick to take home with you and be shown how to use it safely yourself.

moxibustion reflexology for breech babies

Women with a breech presentation may seek treatment with moxibustion from 32–38 weeks but it is preferably performed around 34 weeks of pregnancy. The baby at this stage is small enough to turn and big enough to remain in the head-down position.

I incorporate the use of the Moxa sticks into a reflexology treatment, administering the sticks for about 20 minutes a session.

After the first session you will be given a Moxa stick to use safely at home, wit the techniques that I show you,

This video will show you more about Moxibustion and its history and use in China.

This video shows you reflexology sessions at Swakeleys Massage

Rebozo Scarves

Rebozo Massage

After using the moxa sticks within your treatment with me, I also like to incorporate the use of Rebozo scarves to also help with babies positioning and again I can show you these techniques to use at home. We wrap the scarves around the abdomen, hips and lower back and use gently rocking techniques to make more room in the pelvis encouraging baby to move around.

Rocking/Sifting/Jiggling the hips, abdomen or any part of the body can help to relax tight ligaments. Bring rocked brings about deep feelings of calm for all ages, and the feeling can sub consciously remind us of being in the womb. This is a great technique when mum to be is feeling tense and anxious and needs relaxing pre and during labour. This technique is the one used mainly for breech babies as the rocking enables more space to open in the pelvic girdle allowing baby to flip, or also move from back to back.

Rebozo Massage