MSCM Well-Being retreat Summer 2019

Inspiration, Determination and Transformation. These were our 3 words we based our Wellbeing Retreat around at the weekend.

3 powerful words.

So this weekend was the 3rd MSCM Well-Being retreat held again at the beautiful Braziers Park in Oxfordshire. I was lucky enough to again be asked back to help Lynn and Lucy facilitate this exceptional weekend.

We wanted to create a weekend that was different from the last 2, yet still have the same heart warming effects that we have managed to create in the past and looking at the 9 women’s faces, and ours, at the end of the retreat yesterday, I know we definitely achieved this. 

A retreat is not just about the facilitators, it is also about the participators. By having 9 amazing women embrace every single activity/workshop that was offered to them, to me, is truly what made this retreat so exceptionally rewarding. 

We laughed, and laughed some more, we cried, we hugged, we meditated, we walked, we learnt of inspiring crystals and how to use them, we learnt about affirmations and experienced first hand the power of words, we learnt how to transform our lives with powerful insights and steps on how to make our dreams become a reality. We learnt the importance of breath and how to use our breath to live a truly authentic life – a fascinating workshop by our guest speaker John Christian, which I absolutely loved.

We ate amazing vegetarian food, we bonded, we danced outside in the morning, we had beautiful treatments by experienced therapists, we had the most awesome evening sound bath,  accompanied by the outside elements, 

We may have eaten a little cake, had a few crisps and drank a little wine.

What we had was a very special, amazing and truly awesome weekend. I wish I could capture the feeling the group of us held together at Braziers Park and sprinkle it over this blog so that you could experience how we were all feeling this weekend. If I could do that , you would all be booking onto our next one right now!

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Lynn for having me back, thank Lynn and Lucy for being an absolute pleasure and joy to work alongside and most of all thank the 9 inspired, determined, transformed women who joined us and helped make this retreat a massive gigantic success.❤️

Our next treat “Release, Relax and Recharge” is already open for bookings, again being held at Braziers Park in Oxford in December. I am quite confident it will be another wonderful weekend which I am already looking forward to. 

If you would like to join us in December or have any questions please follow this link or chat to me in my treatment room.

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