Reflexology Priming for Labour | £75.00 p/h

Priming for Labour is classed as Reflexology from 37 weeks plus.

So how does Reflexology help?  There are specific points on the foot such as the uterus and Pituitary that I would stimulate strongly to help encourage the body to naturally prepare for labour. The Pituitary is a good point to start as it’s the part of the brain that produces the hormone  Oxytocin, and this love hormone is what helps the uterus to contract.  I then strongly stimulate the uterus to respond to the increase of Oxytocin. Although I work strongly on these points and others, you will still get a relaxing treatment as lots of calming techniques will be used. Although there are no guarantees that priming for labour techniques will get things moving, as with any other medical intervention or therapy, but I have seen good results with using these methods to help the onset of labour. For best results and to get a cumulative effect from the Reflexology I recommend between 1 -3 sessions around your due date.

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