Sound Massage

Sound Massage | £70.00  60 minutes

During a sound massage healing session,  bowls are placed on or close to your dressed body (within your aura) and tapped gently with a felt mallet. Whereby, the gentle vibrations and sounds created induce a feeling of relaxation and well-being. The vibration can correct your balance and provide feeling of inner strength, harmony and energy.

When the bowls are placed on your body, the vibrations felt are amazing, they ripple throughout the whole of your body. Then as the bowls are slid along your body, whilst being rhythmically tapped the feelings are unbelievable. For me, this is the most releasing of therapies that I have felt. As a person who finds it difficult to let go, this treatment certainly taps into, and releases, stored emotions.

Throughout history, many cultures have used sound and vibration for healing.  Most of us know that sound can be powerful,  sounds can instantly make our adrenaline spike and the fight-or-flight instinct kick in, or make us feel relaxed and calm when we listen to soothing music or sounds. Our instinctual reactions to different sounds and types of music happen for a reason; different sounds occur at different vibrations and these vibrations can affect us in many different ways.

The human body is made up of cells, all of which have an energy field that can be impacted by the vibration and waves of sounds. The human body as a whole also has its own electromagnetic frequency, which can be affected by the sound waves. By using different frequencies, the theory is that different ailments and conditions can therefore be addressed.

Benefits of Sound Healing

  • Deep relaxation achieved through soothing sounds rich in overtones
  • Massaging and harmonising body cells via sound and vibration
  • Removing tension and blockages
  • Providing a pleasant tingling sensation
  • Increasing positivity & creativity

I use a selection of instruments within a sound massage treatment, for example :

Tuning Forks

I use both weighted and non weighted tuning forks. My weighted (OM) fork is designed more for working on the body, the weights  give a strong vibration through the stem and all my forks are calibrated to certain frequencies that they vibrate at.

My non weighted forks, C and G work beautifully together and create a musical interval when played together, these are designed for working of the body, around the ears and the aura.

The forks are activated on my palm or using a rubber activator, by tapping the fork square on it activated the fork creating the vibration. Dependent on which type of activator I use depends if the pitch is higher or more mellow, dependent on what you need.


Sound Massage



Tibetan Singing Bowls

Bowls come in all shapes and sizes and are tuned to difference vibrations. The smallest bowls  I have , about 5 inches usually vibrate at the higher tones

Medium Bowls 7/8 inches

Large bowls 9/10 inches

You can get a lot bigger bowls, 20/21 inches but I do not have these.

Some have curved lips that curve inwards and other bowls are straight edges I have  various shapes, flatter, round, they all have different sound qualities dependent on how/where you play your bowl. You can use a mallet, a beater, even your hand, all ways creating different tones.

I play the bowls around the aura, and also directly on the body, either way, creates beautiful healing vibrations around and all over the body. The sound of these bowls are just amazing and when played on the body you can feel the vibrations all over, from head to toe, its unbelievable.


Sound Massage Sound MassageSound Massage Sound Massage

Koshi Bells

These bells are just gorgeous, I have Earth and Air and like to use them at the  beginning and end of a sound massage.

Sound Massage

Sound Bar

My sound bar is a Venus bar and I love the sharpness to the sound. I use this small bar quite often throughout a sound massage.

I have other instruments that I incorporate too, shakers are great at the end of a session and my new purchase of a drum is now also introduced.

I think there is nothing more relaxing and medatative than a sound massage, as someone who has struggled with meditation in the past, for me, this is a great way to clear the mind and enable a very calm like state.