Swakeleys Signature Treatment

Swakeleys Signature Treatment | £90.00 | Add Hot Stones £95.00 90 minutes  |£120 | Add Hot Stones £125 120 minutes.  **Delux** 120 mins £140 includes sound.


This is a beautifully calming and relaxing treatment working on all the systems of the body to de-stress and soothe the mind, body and soul.  Working holistically I will tailor make this treatment for you and your body/minds needs incorporating Massage, Aromatherapy, Angelic Reiki and Reflexology. If you select the delux treatment we will use my wonderful Singing Bowls from Nepal to enhance your healing experience.

This treatment really is all about you and what you need that day.  Let me soothe away all that stress and tension, revitalise your circulatory system, strengthen your immune system, deal with your aches and pains and muscular tension and heal where you are needing to be healed. When do you get the chance to just lie there and do nothing for 90 minutes, whilst someone eases away what no longer serves you.

After your consultation and I have prepared your aromatherapy blend of essential oils, You will get settled upon my wonderfully padded massage couch, laying in fresh laundered soft towels, above a heated blanket. Soft music playing and wonderful essential oils burning in my diffuser, the gentle flickering of the candle  and healing crystals nearby.  I will start with your full body aromatherapy massage. Using relaxing, deep flowing techniques to soothe away the aches and pains, discomfort and tensions of the day, working on your back, shoulders, legs, arms, neck, head and scalp.  Angelic Reiki naturally flows throughout the whole treatment however I will focus some time of pure Angelic Reiki on the areas I feel need the wonderful healing energies.  Fully relaxed I will take you into a full reflexology session to take you into further deeper levels of relaxation.

Pure Bliss.

Every time I leave a treatment, I am already looking forward to the next one. Jacqui is a wonderful lady with a calming disposition and magical hands. Her massages are firm but relaxing, reflexology amazing. The two together are a fantastic dual treatment that leaves me feeling relaxed and stress free. Rosa, Ruislip.

Jacqui was recommended to my by my niece and I am so glad she did. I’ve only had two treatments so far, yesterday I had the Swakeleys Massage Signature treatment which was two hours of bliss. This treatment combines Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Angelic Reiki. I’ve not had Angelic Reiki before and found it fascinating. I can’t wait to try one of Jacqui’s other treatments very soon. Yvonne, Ruislip.